Are we meant to cry…??

the reason for this post is quite simple….
it was just yesterday that i was perfectly happy and was on a call…..but then suddenly out of no where the blue hit me..i couldn’t hold it back any more…and for my dire embarrassment i cried(out loud),when we were discussing about some thing that was anything but sad…
i shed tears for a little more than 5 minutes for a reason that i was not sure of…or rather for no reason at all…
and after this little display of cry-o-drama, i considered going back online(on the call)…the guy on the other end just told me,”i understand…!! gals at times,cry for reason..just the way guys get pissed at times…so,its okey…!!”…
i don’t know how many of you would really agree with this,but are we really wired to cry for no reason??is their anger equivalent to our tears…??if so,then does it mean that men,are less emotional and more rational..??then would it be wrong to say that the decisions that we take are more humane,since we always give it an emotional touch..??


2 thoughts on “Are we meant to cry…??

  1. yes.. i do agree…. according to me,girls cant control their emotions for long,and they start crying soon…. but boys CAN control it up to an extent… only if it crosses the line, they start crying… its from my personal experience… and haan..!! crying as part of an emotional outburst does make us make us feel good afterwards…….

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