i was never a cell phone geek….!!i just have an almost basic handset, but there are times when almost all my happiness hover around this one tiny little thing..:)every body that i know live in there..old friends, cousins, folks….my sister…almost everybody…!!

my phone makes me happy….:)but how….?? the long and not so long night calls with all the ICE numbers stored on my cell phone makes me more than happy…:P so does the cute personalized messages….ah…how can i not mention the “i/we miss you”or the “i remember you” texts….

the thing about a cell phones is that when ever you get a call or a message(in that case) it not only makes you think that you are still famous, but it also makes you feel that people care for you..

after all its just the affection, care, and love that every ones longs for… they are the only things that money cant buy… and in ways more than one, the more the people care about you, the richer you are… so why not care for someone, love someone, and make a him/her a little more special…??

PS: pick up your damn phone and call somebody or text someone for reasons better than none…:)


One thought on “WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY….??

  1. Nice post !

    I am not that much of a Cell phone geek myself .. For me any phone that can message and lets you call people is more than enough !

    and Yeah My Phone makes me Happy šŸ™‚

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