virginity…?? how real is it….??

virgin….!! the first time I heard this word i was just about 7…!! the NRI aunty next door was rambling about the EXTRA virgin olive oil that she found on her trip to no-where!!! well i couldn’t under stand even a word of what she was saying so i ignored the most of her but just the part with “extra VIRGIN olive oil”…

the next time i heard virgin,i almost knew what it meant… but the newer context of usage baffled me… this was when i was in one of my first year engineering classes where some body started explaining about a virgin metal…

well when the third time this word hit me,it hit me hard…

a friends cousin (read friend) has reached an age of 23… and was still single (:-O)… so her parents and kin and kith, arranged her meetings with some really eligible bachelors…. in one of such meetings, she meets a really well groomed, awesomely cute “BOY”, with a very impressive family background…!! a befitting candidate she thought…but until he raised the question..”are you still a virgin…??” i wouldn’t have to explain how this girl from a really conservative back ground responded to this one… s0 END of story..!!

now this hilarious question which would in most circumstances be answered as YES made me thinking..
is virginity it..?? so then are we really virgins?? would there be even a single person who has not fascinated about some one..?? knowingly-unknowingly, even the youngest of girls fascinate about their prince charming..!! meeting him marrying him… and then living happily ever after…

but then if you can fascinate about some one… holding them… hugging them… (well i don’t want to go further..:P) does it not make our mind, our heart a little less than being virgin?? but then in our culture some one with a pure heart is considered pure… so does it not make some one with a less VIRGIN heart a less virgin..?? so the next time you say YOU ARE, think again… are you…?? really…??


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