how have we changed???

There is a time in your life, every body’s life when everything around was oblivious. Thoughts and fights were simple, innocent.

Times when ice cream candies and Pokémon dominated our thoughts, math and math teachers were our worst night mares. Paper planes and collecting badges were more fun than IM and Facebook.

Times have changed and changed so fast. Now everybody around expects you to eat, talk, walk, sleep, weep in their own stereotypical way.

Back then we preferred mud and marbles to money and pearls. The days never use to start deciding what to wear..!!
Never were we afraid of the future, planning for it, being a sailor or a writer or a doctor or a model in many of your future plans.
We never had to worry about make up or touch-ups..!!Boys were always an eeeewwwwwwww!!

When we were young, our play mates, buddies knew all our secrets, you laughed with them, giggling till wee hours of the morning. But now we sit all alone staring the bright computer screen, letting our fingers do the talking. Starting a real conversation has become the next to impossible. Abbreviations increased in every sentence, but sadly, even the talk times are abbreviated…

Back then, flowers were meant to be cooked and served while we played pretend with our little doll houses. But today we expect to get flowers, rather than cooking them. Today when mommy expects you to cook in real kitchens, we dream of running away, far far away in real air planes.

We know that prince charming never comes, or at least not on his white horse. We no more believe in happily ever after.Tom and Jerry is replaced by desperate House Wives or Sex And The City. How I met your mother and Russell Peters was never so much fun.

Times were sweeter when a kiss meant a peck on the cheek. Friends were always available. Work was always fun..!!But times change, always….

Sex. Now, does not only mean gender. Giggling about it does not mean we’re embarrassed to talk about, it just means we’ve thought about it. Boys are still “Ewwww!” because now it’s the men that we’re after..!!!

But again some things never change…!!Back then, it was 2000, now its 2012…


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