He loves me he loves me not…


He loves me he loves me not… he loves me he loves me not…he loves me he loves me not…he  loves me he loves me not… well this is the only thing that one of my girl friends is mumbling from the past couple of days….

 The last time I met her, she was more than happy for having met her Mr.Perfect. Tall, dark, and handsome MBA grad working in a MNC (Multi National Company) with an impressive accent and more than impressive bank balance…in more than one way, he was everything that she had asked for..

They were a couple and they were happy…they would go on a date on almost every other day. “Love at its best” that’s how she described it to me once over a phone call.
Well, times change, and at times they change fast. Very soon she seemed to have getting this boy trouble where he is less attentive when it comes to her. And today it’s almost over, but still she tortures one of her favorite flowers, the daisies.

I am no relationship expert but I did realize a thing or two about GUYS and BREAKUPS after a couple of long-short conversations with some of my very mature and experienced girl friends and with a little bit of help from the

Seriously, you don’t need a fortune-teller to tell you when your relationship is getting stale. There are lots of warning signs of a break up and if one can pick them up, you won’t have to say that you didn’t see it coming. Break ups are always painful, but then, they don’t have to come to you as a surprise.

If you’re still reading this, it probably means that you may have started to see the signs and your intuition tells you that something is wrong… well girls, never take your relationship for granted, because it can disappear at any time. But with a little luck, you’ll be able to stop a breakup before it happens.

To do that, you need to be on the lookout for these warning signs your guy wants to move on:

1. You Spend Less Time Together: I am busy forever..!!

The first and most obvious sign is “NOT KEEPING IN TOUCH”.A big warning sign is if your boyfriend suddenly starts calling,
texting or visiting you a lot less. It doesn’t mean he’s EXTREMELY BUSY or that he’s CHEATING necessarily, but it means you’re not on his mind as much as you used to be. If this happens, try this: contact him even less. It’s almost guaranteed that he’ll message you at some point and say, “hey haven’t heard from you in a while?” …mission accomplished..:)

2.Conversations lose their depth: “hmmmm…yeah…then what else…?”

When you first met, you talked about everything. Now it seems like he just talks about what he did that day. That’s not necessarily the biggest warning sign (men typically become lazy conversationalist) but it can mean that HE’S GETTING BORED. Try to spice up the conversations by thinking about interesting things to talk about beforehand. Believe it or not, most men like smart women.

3. Attitude:”don piss me off right now…” He doesn’t want to answer to you all the time. He doesn’t want you asking questions all the time. Remember, men don’t do this to women they find attractive. Make sure you’re not letting your weight or appearance go and that you stay looking your best.

4. They criticize you…:”…you always do this…”

It seems now that you’re never able to do anything right and you cannot please your guy. How come they’re being so brutally honest all of a sudden? Your feelings may not matter much anymore..!

5. Conversations become less personal:”…who knows what will happen tomorrow…”

Your boyfriend seems to be getting more easily ANNOYED for no apparent reason. His answers to your questions become more terse and at times passive aggressive.

The conversations become less about me and you unless they’re complaining but more about general stuff. You want to talk about the future, about being together, making plans for the future but they find ways to avoid talking about it or keep their responses very sparse. Seriously, if he doesn’t want to talk about a future involving the both of you, then he never wants a future that involves the both of you.

6. Fight fight fight: “..you are getting on to my nerve….you always have this talent of irritating me…”

This is the big one .You’re constantly fighting and arguing especially about little things. Your partner may well be doing this intentionally so they can have an excuse to get away. Constantly fighting may lead to, “I can’t do this anymore” and “I think we should see other people” and the classic, “I need some space.”

You have Two options  at this point:

1.    Become the perfect dream girlfriend (never argue, do all that he tells you to do, etc.) until things get better


2.    If you feel like the breakup is inevitable, you need to preempt him  and dump him first.

This will be very hard to do, but it also works. Men don’t like to be dumped, even by women they weren’t that interested in. It hurts their fragile egos. You can bet he’ll be thinking about you for a while. Completely ignore him for 3 weeks. When you get back in touch, he’ll beg you to take him back…:P

Just because you may see one of these signs doesn’t always mean that you’re looking at the front door but if you see a couple of warning signs then you should definitely brace yourself for what may be coming. Talk to him about it if you can and give them space before they make that request themselves. Don’t try to start another fight trying to talk to them. If they’re hiding something they will most likely be on the defensive.

I do not want to give out a false hope but personally i know a couple of people who have some of these signs in their relationships, but even then they together and they are happy as ever.but again,every one is not as lucky as them..


3 thoughts on “He loves me he loves me not…

    1. none of us are sweety, none of us are…but at times if thats what it takes to get HIM back, then it has to be done..!!

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