why do i hate yu sooooooooo much..?? :P

I had always been jealous of MJ aka Mary Jane Watson aka spider-mans girlfriend…!!! I would have been more than happy if my boy friend were the legendary spider-man.

But deep inside the thought of being with a SPIDER creeps me out…

I have heard of the term arachnophobia before…but I had never thought that I would be one among billion other women across the world afraid of the eight legged animal.

The thing which with their often dark color contrast extremely with the bright color of our bathroom walls where they are sitting on silently and appear unexpected and cause fierce reactions in every third woman and every fifth man world-wide throughout all cultures. Yes…it is the SPIDER…!!

Theory suggests that the sudden appearance of spiders, their strange body form and that they often seem very close to the body of humans (in the bath room, in the bed where we usually feel safe and comfortable and at other places in our houses). Also the quick and unpredictable movements of spiders we meet involuntarily can be a reason for fear and disgust. But we know different…!!It is not just any thing that is related to the spider but the spider itself that we hate.

I have also found out that keeping your home tidy and spraying citric acid all over your house can keep your place spider proof…Lemon or citric acid works because these creepy things can taste with their legs too… (GROSS…!)

Arachnophobia indeed refers to the irrational fear of spiders.This is one of the most common animal phobias and is actually very apparent mostly in children. Basically, a severe case of arachnophobia is far different from someone who merely doesn’t like spiders at all.

More or less, people who fear spiders have feelings of panic entering into a situation where spiders are very much visible. Such people find it difficult to live a normal life because they usually think that maybe some spiders are just around. People who just plainly don’t like spiders on the other hand, do not actually mind spiders and when the time arrives they have to deal with spiders, they will just simply show some signs of inhibitions or the like but indeed with no panic or anxiety.

So, if you have arachnophobia, you will probably go out of your way to make sure that you do not come in to contact with a spider. If you find a spider in your home, you may react in one of two ways:

  • Either screaming and running away or freezing in place.
  • You may be unable to kill or trap the spider yourself, relying on a friend or family member to rescue you from the situation.
  • If you are alone, you may actually leave the house and not deal with the spider.

Eventually you may find yourself limiting your activities to avoid spiders. Hiking and camping trips may be difficult or impossible for you. You may even dread visiting the zoo or participating in sports that involve being outside in a field.

You cannot even stand the picture of a spider…I know all this because I am arachnophobia…and I am not proud of it… 😦

It’s quite recently that I’ve turned 21…and at 12 in the night I had my friend calling me up and wishing me good-luck on my special day.. And quite unexpectedly when I was finally going to get some good night’s sleep, one of my worst night mares was coming to life. I saw a huge spider sliding on to my bed lamp and hugging it with all of its eight arms…!!!The scariest thing that I’ve ever seen…the dark background, the orange light from the bed-lamp all added up. And the shadow effects made me run into my parent’s room screaming. On my way out, I turned back and glanced at the dreadful creäture for one last time… And for my horror and disbelief it was headed right towards my bed… I did not wait to see any more and I still sleep with my folks..!! I still haven’t got the courage to stay in my room for more than a couple of minutes… I just take my stuff and make a run for it…

I don’t know if it is because one of the first things that I’ve seen on my birthday is a spider, but I have had close encounters with spiders (almost every day) since then… I saw a bigger spider on my bathroom mirror, and one more, under the refrigerator, when I was dusting the floor the other-day.

I might not be able to say that I have the highest level of arachnophobia, but it definitely is not helping me. I have a history of screaming and waking up my roommate and not sleeping for the rest of that night because I just saw a spider crawling towards my bed… at times I still feel a spider crawling up my leg under my sheets..But when I get up and inspect it’s not there..!! And I have emptied an entire bottle of liquid soap and disinfectant liquid on my left arm for accidentally touching a spider…!!

I was born on the 18th of July 1990… And to my surprise, it was on this very day that the movie ARACHNOPHOBIA was released throughout the United States…

I had a hard time writing this post but I wanted to grow up and face my fears. It took me 3 days to write this post and in the mean time to go through some pictures (close shots of spiders to be specific).a cold chill still runs through my spine when I think about them…I have also found out that like most other people who dread the tube spider the most, i am most petrified by the “brown HUNTSMAN spider“(Heteropoda venatoria   to be specific) which are abundant in this part of the world.

I have also realized that like all specific phobias, arachnophobia is most commonly treated through therapy, particularly cognitive-behavioral techniques. Some newer research has shown that virtual reality therapy, where the sufferer is exposed to virtual representations of spiders. Older techniques include educating the clients about spiders, gradually exposing the client to live spiders and making them interact with them. And now that is one therapy that I don’t wanna undergo!!


12 thoughts on “why do i hate yu sooooooooo much..?? :P

  1. Great post, & very visual. Absolutely loved the Little Miss Muffet book picture – oh, so olden days 🙂
    Spiders only freak me because all their 8 legs move TOGETHER. If they were a bit more smooth moving, I don’t think they’d be so bad.

  2. Liked your story. I’m more or less OK with spiders – as long as they don’t touch me. But can’t stand worms, grubs, catepillars. Apparently, there is a phobia for them as well called scoleciphobia. With regard to therapy, prefer to avoid all these creatures all together, which always makes my children laugh – at least, they did not get this phobia from me 🙂

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