where have you gone Mr. Nice guy??


Where have you gone Mr. Nice guy??

“I am worried. Either there is something wrong with me, or something wrong with the women out there. Suddenly everywhere I see there are guys who are dressed shabbily and have uncombed hair and unshaven faces. “- Diaries of a single girl , Times life Sunday | may 27th

Seriously!!What is happening to our sense of style?? It’s true that damsels fantasize real macho men who sweat and don’t mind getting dirty…But do they fit anywhere in real life..??

Don’t get me wrong, but they are not the prince charming little girls dream of.. the prince charming of their dreams have blue eyes, the nicest smile, perfectly gelled hair, manicured nails and the perfect eye brows with a nice tan. They wear nicest of clothes (welcome to 21st century, and they wear an Armani..!!) and smell like play boy.

Like many, I do have a weakness for men in suits but I would settle for a guy who looks like he at least bathed before he left home. I never want to date a guy for whom I would be tempted to buy gifts like a hairbrush and a razor. A stubble is sexy but not always..What girl in her right mind would like to be with a guy who looks like an escaped convict??

It’s also troubling to see that movie heroes are characters who don’t have real jobs. Call me Materialistic, but did we all not love the play-boy, billionaire whiz kid Tony Stark(Robert Downey, Jr.) in Iron man or the successful businessman Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) in Pretty woman??There’s nothing attractive about most of the lead roles in the recent hindi movies – a guy who makes a living by being a con artiste (Ranveer Singh in Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl) or a local goon (Arjun Kapoor in Ishaqzaade) or even a gun dealer (Emraan Hashmi in Jannat 2).

Where has the good old family guy gone??the well groomed one who works 9 to 5?? No one likes him anymore? Is the media taking the bad boy attraction too far??else what sane explanation can you give to all the hype that SRK gets on TV for being BAD.. I keep worrying that the good ones will soon be extinct as Gen-y consider them not cool and hence alien..i also worry that one of my sane girlfriends is going to end up with total creep . I hope they are smart enough to tell the difference between what’s sexy on-screen, and off it.

PS: Even though I like men in suits, i looooooooove Johny Depp 😉

Idea Courtesy: Times of India



5 thoughts on “where have you gone Mr. Nice guy??

  1. ur brain works fine every where besides in office stuff o_O
    u r too good @ writing blogs…lol…
    Mr.nice will be here soon..:)

  2. I like a bit of stubble! It makes a guy look ruggedly handsome. Admittedly it doesn’t work on everybody though. But I do need my man to ooze a bit of manliness!

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