Insignificant me!!

Every once in a while it hits me how insignificant I am. Significance in the greater scheme of things. Will the world be any different if you and I were not in it?

This is not a clattery call for sympathy but think about it… Our entire life is based on our sense of who we are…The identity vested in us by society and more importantly by us. Wherever we are or whatever we do, we tend to go around seeking significance. We want to be famous, well-known, good-looking, raved about, have a massive following in social media and so on.

Yet looking at the bigger picture, after a while you and I are just gone… buried somewhere, or just burned to ashes…


Well not really History considering the fact that 99.99% of us we will not make it to any history books…

No one will write poems or stories or books about us or our lives..!! Well your next of kin might grieve your loss for a while… but then what later?? We will be soon forgotten as they move on with their lives… well it’s only natural of them..!!

So what am I rattling about??What is my point??

My point is just that even though we are such insignificant beings, we waste most of our lives despising the smallest of things!! As if the world owes us a living… expecting the world and every one in it to abide our little rules and bare the tantrums…and well cursing and abusing everyone who does not realize our importance. For us we are the kings and queens!!

We expect everyone to bow down to us and look up to us in our full glory. We want others to see just how clever special and pretty we are. We expect people to treat us like high and mighty. How can everyone be so blind and stupid not see our greatness?!?

We get upset with little things, how can someone push me in a bus?? How can he jump the queue and get ahead of me??

On a more personal level, we get pissed when she does not remember your birthdays…how dare she?? Why can’t they appreciate how pretty I look… why can’t he call and tell me that he loves me every 5 minutes??  We let the need for approval and fear of the future take the best of us…

Many a times, we let others play with our little life. At times we see that a best friend or lover who speaks highly of their love just vanish without an explanation. We see that one moment they are here, and the next they are gone!!We wait for them to come back… At one end we speak of our own glory and greatness and at the other we wonder how insignificant we are to such people..!! Well, truth is it only takes one bad argument to scare people away.

We do everything that we do hoping that some day when we are gone someone will remember us, mourn for us…

But the truth is just that we are nothing much that a speck of dust… just a passing thought…

We work day in and day out to make a difference… but in reality we are just a drop in this bucket of life that leaves no splash or ripple, not even a riffle or a spray, and with time there is no trace of our scant existence… Just like all those fallen leaves that we walk up on in a park…

Scholars say that living this short insignificant life can never be meaning full without the fleeting love… but I believe that true love is timeless, forever… Its lust and infatuation that is a fickle…

Living an unnoticed life is actually adventurous… It lets us live our dream instead of living someone else’s dreams and vision… you stop seeking for approval and love and the pieces fall into place… World becomes a happier place…

Every once in a while it hits me how insignificant I am , but In my dreams I make a difference… hope so do you…



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