Happiness is a Lie..??

Some time back I wrote a post “WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY??” but it took me almost a year and a half and a job and some other developments in life to realize that Happiness is a MYTH. Probably, an urban legend.
wellllll… Unless I’m missing something, which again is entirely possible.

I guess the main problem is the world that we are born into a world that has a pervading notion about happiness…they tell us to be happy all the time…Parents teachers friends and family constantly want us “happy” .They make us feel that every new born is special.. All little girls are princesses all young boys are young princes. Almost every other written document (religious) say that all men were created equal and were put in this world to pursue happiness.

Pursue?? Well yes… But attain?? No…!!

I joined work right after college. 5 days a week I did a job that is a cocktail of stress and boredom. Out of the available 24 hours, I would sleep for 7 hours. 8 hours are spent at the office (if you not consider the over time) and another 4 or 5 getting ready for office and in transit (ohhh!! yes my city is famous for its infamous traffic jams!!)

So there it is—almost 65 hours are spent doing boring stuff and another 40 sleeping (if you manage to get some good sleep). . For this drudgery, you get forty-eight hours off. Again one third of which will be spent sleeping. Now that’s for a week. Then you do it again, for a few more decades.

[Unless you’re one of those people who enjoys their work. This isn’t for you, because I can’t contemplate enjoying doing anything I could be paid enough to live on… sorry..]

I’m guessing most of the employed people aren’t the happy workers (there have been surveys and studies to prove this point). There are more people working pointless, soul-killing jobs and you can’t enjoy. Everywhere we’re led to believe that everyone else is having a better time than we are. They are happier than US…Total lie..!! I think, by and large, most people are miserable. Or deluded. They are left striving for the chimera of happiness they have always been sold. And they continue on that fruitless path until they die. Oh, the cycle of life and humanity brings a tear to my eye.

Yes, yes, I may not be the first person to wonder about happiness and why we try to pursue something imaginary… so conceptual… my question is: Why don’t more people kill themselves? Why are we alive at the end of the day?? It’s just obligations everywhere…I’m not being a sadist…it’s just something I would really would like to know. Think hard and every person with more than three brain cells will realize that he or she will spend the vast majority of their life and energy doing something that is stressful, boring and, ultimately, pointless, he or she should better be gone than just live for the sake of being born.

The only theory I have is that throughout ages social morale has stopped people from asking question… People have grown incapable of asking question…Questions like “WHY AM I STILL ALIVE??” Is it really possible to be truly happy without any thoughts creeping at the back of your head?? Well for this reason I just don’t ‘get’ the things that make getting out of bed worth it for the other humans. I am, however, quite capable of seeing the ultimate pointlessness of everything. I am completely at a loss for why anyone should do boring things that mean nothing. By the end of it all no one will even remember who we were.

Some of you will say, ‘Find something that means something to you and do that!’ That’s just keen of the peachy variety, if you have things that mean something to you. Some of us just don’t. Life, to me, is something to get through. There is no excitement and anticipation left…accomplishments does not bring the greater inner joy!! It’s just not there…All I do is Mark one day off. One more hour is done. I draw occasionally because it’s free way to mark time and it takes me out of whatever shape of boredom my life is currently taking.

You may think I’m depressed, but I’m not. Don’t consider me suicidal either… I am fairly good at what I do…I draw/design stuff and am making fairly a good deal of money out of it… I will be going back to school and doing my post graduation in engineering in a fortnight’s time…

But still things just don’t mean to me what they mean to you to you. I see my younger sister literally jumping off the ground and hopping around when she gets a good test score. May be she is still not aware that she is going to school just so that she can feed her future family and kids. The great responsibility she has to take up.

I wonder why they do the things they do…? Why do people have kids?? When all that you have got time is to look after them and worry about them for the rest of their lives… I wonder why people are still alive. I wonder how after all the crap people go throw they still claim to be “happy”.

I am no attention grabber, but still everything around feels a lie… As of now life is just Neutral for me. May be some day I might know different or maybe not…!!



27 thoughts on “Happiness is a Lie..??

  1. I have a feeling you will definitely feel and think differently in the years to come. If you are 21 as one of the titles of your posts said, then you are at the stage where I guess everyone asks such questions. I did too.. I have a cousin staying with us, who has begun her PG in Engg since last 2 weeks, who does too.. I am older now and have reached the other end of the bridge.

    There are things that DO bother me and make me unhappy… But I will think its my own incapability to deal with things that leads to this unhappiness… Nevertheless, I have found joy in life and I have found meaning and purpose too…

    So will you… 🙂

  2. Here is one quote I posted recently. “Pleasure is not happiness. It has no more importance than a shadow following a man.”
    Muhammad Ali
    I think you ask some good questions and it is great you are searching for the answer. Happiness does not come from following what society tells one they should do. I hope you find your happiness. 🙂

  3. Happiness is definitely not a lie, our definition of happiness probably is. It is not something u go out in search for, it rather would be going in. It all depends on having the courage to pursue what u have passion / love for ! …. wishes to find urs soon 🙂

  4. Hi ch. Thanks for following me I am really happy about that. Happiness for me is in reaching and keeping that peace within. That is where true happiness lies, not out there in the world. Take care. Ralph x

  5. I think most of us reach this point in our lives when we realise what we need to do. I decided that i did not want to end up like a zombie and am consciously trying to do things in life.

  6. I think this question comes to us in the troughs and plains of life- you know the neutral and depressed modes. When life’s become too normal and predictable, or just plain painful, we wonder what the hell we’re doing on this planet. And then the next adventure sweeps us off our feet, and we forget all about the meaning of life, and just enjoy the moments.
    When I joined college, I was so excited and happy. Then I got used to it and started wondering- what’s the point? When I start working and it’s still all new and different- I’m sure I’ll be excited again. I doubt it’ll last though. I’ll just have to find something else to distract myself again.
    I realize I haven’t actually found the answer to the question- I wonder if there is an answer at all. But it is a rather disturbing question, and I’m happy just postponing it for now. 🙂

    1. ” I wonder if there is an answer at all” truly said Mythreyi….
      we always run around things and find ways to distract ourselves..
      any ways thanks for stopping by.. cheers. 🙂

  7. Whenever untill the hurdles are faced things or situations always seems to be Happy, I belive happiness comes through sharing – “Be a part of somebodies happiness – that makes you more happy” – 🙂

  8. I liked the way you have written this post and these are just not some random thoughts. These are great questions and specially when it comes at this age. I have seen lot of friends and colleagues who felt the same urge to find happiness in their work after they turned 40. Hence, you’ve saved some 20 years for yourself 🙂
    I remember Buddha’s quote that Peace comes from within. And HH Dalai Lama also said on the same line that happiness is not ready made.
    We have made our life so complicated that we don’t enjoy simplest things as those are taken for granted. I have found that people in Tier2/3 cities or in smaller town enjoys life better than what we do by living in a metro. I had a post on that some time back.

    1. haha thanks Mayank..
      Ive seen that too.. my friends and family still living in the “less crowded” parts of the country seem happier.. At least they claim they are.. 🙂

  9. Find time with oneself, find what makes one tick. Always have something to be addicted on. Atleast one addiction. The more stupider your addiction is, the better. I m not talking about alchohol or the likes of that, We are all some percentage sad, stupid, dumb, idiotic, and we don’t rely on that. We seek wisdom, knowledge, yeah that is also needed, but so is are its opposite sides. I think that’s y they say to decide with head and heart. But what I have figured out in my life experience, doing stupid things really hav made me happy. I don’t recall any days of my work as my days, except a few days that I have done somethings spontaneous and without thinking.
    Then again the question is, are we bold and wise enough to do something stupid. If we are we will find happiness. I don’t know if it would work for everybody. But it does for me. For instance, one day I was so tired of walking , and I just had to keep walking, my legs were aching like anything, I decided I am not walking anymore. I sat on the footpath, I had a parcel of food with me, I shared it a street dog that came along . It may sound yuck, but, deep with in me it always feels good. You know, lol, people are walking by you, and looking at you and most probably thinking what is this guy doing, he is wearing good clothes, seems from a good family, but look at him? Pathetic waste. But I was so preoccupied that I could not notice all those. Me and that dog ate chicken tikka. Those are the kind of days that keep me myself, those are the kind of days I can truly say that I took a break, the memories that give me happiness without telling to anyone. ( just because it is stupid nobody will understand it)

  10. its not stupid at all.. 🙂 incidentally Ive done some thing similar.. and it gave me a huge level of hmmm “satisfaction” ..
    they say that happiness comes in different ways.. i am glad you found yours.. 🙂
    cheers 🙂

  11. You’re definitely not the only one who thinks about happiness and attaining it, I’ve been reading so many posts about it recently! I think maybe we all still continue living despite many of going through that dreary lifestyle you talked about because we’re promised “better things” in the future. That mundane, tiring routine is supposedly what will get us there. And of course for some they manage to find things that do make them happy throughout working those insane hours and whatnot. I dunno, “happiness” and the search for happiness is one of life’s greatest mysteries.

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