super EASY cake..!

I am no baker.. i am actually doing my masters in engineering..
but when my examinations are going on i make sure that i find ways to NOT study..
I have an examination tomorrow.. and its NOT the easiest of subjects..
Sooooo out of sheer boredom of staring into equations and formula,i decided to make this super easy cake out of basic ingredients and gave it a good chocolate icing… actually i made two and made a layered cake.. 😛

images (7)q

i took:
about 1 cup of maida (self raising flour)
3 heaped spoons of cocoa power
3 cups of finely ground sugar
1/3 cups of milk
and 2 eggs.

then i:
poured all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and mixed it properly (i made sure that the batter is of right consistency,and that there are no lumps in the batter)
then i poured the batter into a well greased-lightly floured tin.
next was the easiest part because i just bake it at 180 deg for about 40-45 mins in an oven

that was cake number 1. I made one more. the i cut off the tip and bottom part carefully.

and for the chocolate butter cream icing,
i mixed butter cocoa powder and icing sugar in the ratio 1: 1.5: 8 with 3-4 table spoons of milk. i beat it up so that it would be very light and fluffy

after that i stacked both the layers one up on the other with lots of butter cream all over.. 🙂

PS: it would be an understatement if i tell you that my mum liked the cake.. she in fact Loved it..

PPS: if you are too lazy to make the butter cream, like me most of the times, try eating the cake with condensed sweetened milk.

PPPS: you can try and replace butter with condensed milk and half or quarter the amount of sugar (depending on the sweetness of the condensed milk ) and add cocoa powder to make the icing.


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