DIY: Planter Bulb

From the time i wrote this blog entry on alternate planters, I have been wanting to make a bulb planter..

the lack of “supplies” kept me from making some.. I did not want to buy and break a brand new light bulb.. 😛

but finally I got hold  of some bulbs that my neighbor was planning to throw away.. and I made these…



Hope you like them.. I attached a hook on to one and hung up the other one with a plain string..

I am attaching a simple step by step so how on how to hollow out a light bulb..

I got the original tutorial here. Happy crafting.. 🙂

Step 1

Lightbulb project

You will need some common tools, a screwdriver (regular) and snips (or needle nose pliers). Use whatever bulb you have handy.

*CAUTION* Never use a fluorescent bulb for this project, no matter how cool it looks.The powder used to coat the inside of them is made from phosphor and is quite toxic.

You’re also working with glass, so use eye protection!

You can’t see mine because I’m wearing them.

You should also use gloves or wrap the bulb in a towel just in case it breaks.

Yeah, you can’t see mine because i didn’t have any handy.

So do as I say and not as I do, got it?

Step 2

Lightbulb project

First, grip the little solder point and give it a good twist.

You will free the brass contact and break one of the wires leading to the filament.

Step 3

Lightbulb project

Once the contact has been pulled out, carefully crack the glass insulator.

The chips from this are quite pervasive, they get into just about anything in the area and they are razor sharp.

Use caution.

Step 4

Lightbulb project

After the insulator has been removed you can see the inside supports of the filament and the fill hole.

In the old days bulbs were evacuated of atmosphere to keep the filament from oxidizing and burning through.

Now days the glass envelope is back filled with an inert gas like argon.

The keeps the filament from burning through and makes the bulbs safer.

Step 5

Lightbulb project

Use the screwdriver to break the fill tube.

Step 6

Lightbulb project

The fill tube could be saved for a later project if you wish.

Step 7

Lightbulb project

You can now shake the filament assembly out of the tube.

If the tungsten wire is still intact you could probably find a good use for it.

You could make another light bulb if your stuck for something to do I suppose.

Step 8

Lightbulb project

The bulb needs a good cleaning.

This powder, is called kaolin and is pretty safe.

You should still be careful and keep it away from your mouth and anything you might eat near.

Step 9

Lightbulb project

Mind the sharp bits of glass in the socket when doing this.

If you have some stubborn bits inside of it that you can’t get to with this technique you can fill the bulb with a little salt and shake it about. this should scour the powder off the walls.

Step 10

Lightbulb project

There you go.. A  clean bulb for all your crafty needs..



2 thoughts on “DIY: Planter Bulb

  1. the finished article, with the little plants inside, look remarkably cute. Good clear instructions too. Thank you, great post. I am going to try that now that next time I have a dead bulb here. Super post. -A.

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