24 hours to live..

FAIR WARNING: This post is highly de-motivational. Please keep away if you are lost and are here looking for candyland.

Anyways, that being said, it not actually 24 hours. Its more like say, 11 hours 23 minutes and 16… no… 17 second *(tweaked this info right before publishing this post)*

Another MEMO : I am NOT going to kill myself today!! the deadline is just hypothetical!

how many times have we wondered, or been asked this completely rhetorical question, “You have 24 hours to live, What would you do in those 24 hours” : – answer – well.. I would LIVEand breathe for those 24 hours..!! NO seriously!!.. jokes apart, I would live and tie up as many loose ends as possible..

having said that, I have heard people giving me answers ranging from “completely stupid” to ” Ohh.. that’s so sweet.. that makes so much of sense” category.

216648_1298584551582_453_300You ask me to quote some, is it?? then here you go –

“I will go loot a bank”

“I will kill my mother-in-law”

“I would just have lots and lots of sex (I am intentionally avoiding the explicit details)”

” I will spend it with my family, saying good byes”

” I will apologize to people I’ve wronged”

” I will spend it praying to god for forgiveness”

“Get my stuff in order, decide who gets what, write a will, hand over my pets.. blaah blaahh…”

I am not judging anyone, its YOUR last day, so it’s completely up to you on what you want to do!! another one recently told me that if they knew they just had 24 hours left, they will go and hang themselves. Why wait and go through an agonizing anticipatory misery of “will it, won’t it, and when will it??” – now that makes sense!!

Again I am astonished by the number of psychopaths we have around us!! All kept under the leash of morality and an indecisive future that awaits them IF they ended up doing something stupid.. many told me that they would go on a KILLING SPREE.. killing and causing pain and harm to everyone they dislike till day, some were even “ok” with killing random strangers – may lord have mercy on us.

Saying “good byes” means a sensible thing for some people.. I don’t believe in goodbyes..and I am never good at goodbyes. Saying goodbyes just gives the people around you another reason to remember you fondly by, just increasing the pain when you are gone, and making the process of moving on harder.

Once dead, I would like myself to stay dead – meaning, no reminders that I even existed. If say I die tonight and I had about 12 hours to live, I would start deleting all the things that would remind others that I ever lived. I would give away my clothes, burn all the painting that my mum has hung around the house, destroy the craft projects that I took up, and importantly commit an “internet suicide” first.

I know that internet notoriety thrills some, but whats once on internet will always stay on internet!! (that is unless someone deliberately brings it down).

so I’d DELETE myself from : Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Orkut, hi5( ohhh yes they are still active), LinkedIn, Flickr, MySpace, PayPal, eBay and any other online shopping/auction sites, Craigslist and all other advertising groups, all my email accounts,(Gmail, yahoo, and aol, msn accounts), from my Alma Maters(school college, university), gaming sites, all 3rd party accounts, delete all the texts and emails on my phone, burn the stuff that I cannot give away, you get my drift don’t you, I will delete everything!!

I would probably go and “un-Google” myself, format my computer and delete all my blogs….., well.. on 2nd thoughts maybe not! I would probably just keep WordPress, it’s not as if many people who know me in real life know that I blog and I haven’t even used my full name here, that it would turn up on searches..

Then I would probably write a self destructive¬†time delayed note to someone I could Trust, telling them that I don’t want a funeral and that I don’t really care much if they would burn me and just scatter my ashes, feed me to animals, or even bury me. I wouldn’t even mind it if they would donate “me” to research, or even let a poor doctor in making practice his/her sutures and autopsy on me. But if they are stuck in an ethical and moral conundrum on what to do, I would suggest just put me in the ground and plant a tree on top, but that would stay a reminder, so, burn me and scatter the ashes seem viable.. Not that it matters much, say a decade or two later, no ones even gonna remember me. That is unless I go and blow up the parliament building or say find cure for cancer, both seemingly unlikely at this moment.. so scattering the ashes it is.!!

Phew that seems an awful lot of work for me to do in 12 hours !!

Ohh yes I would probably tweak in Laundry and cleaning my room somewhere in between, It’s awfully sad that they gotta deal with a dead body, I don’t want to burden them with My laundry and the despicable task of cleaning my room after me. and I would give, mum dad & sis , a “normal”call just so that I could hear their voices one last time. Then sit on my couch in my PJs watching some sad romantic movie (on second thoughts, A sitcom probably.. wouldn’t it be fun to go rolling on the floor laughing :P) with a bucket of ice cream, and NOT waiting for the inevitable to happen.



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