Freedom in free India.

Every year right around aug 15 and Jan 26 we become highly patriotic.. Debating about the meaning of independence.. Arguing if we were really independent.. About the society we live in.. The questions often become monotonous and cynical.. Yet as we celebrate each independence day the questions become more and more relevant.. The question is as simple as why celebrate Aug 15 if we are not really free.. These questions are relevant because they talk about peoples expectation from the concept of freedom.. We are made to believe that 66 yrs ago a nation was born.. Constitution says that all of us are created equal.. Certainly, we can think of many instances in which we have been treated unfairly, or treated someone else unfairly. Corny as it may sound, it is within each of us who are fortunate enough to be living in this country to take steps to ensure that we do our very best to combat discrimination in every form, from race, religious, sex and age discrimination to discrimination against those with mental or physical challenges. 
I often wonder if we have taken the concept of independence for granted. The sole mean of being free means that I can kill or loot anyone I want.. Use another being as I may will.. Because I am free to! Its the concept of absolute freedom isn’t it?? To have no consequences for our action. Which we often see in our nation.. In the street next to our.. A place where a 6 year old is being used as a object of sexual gratification by a school teacher in her own school.. Why?? Because we live in a free society.. !! I would say perverted even.. People bother more about iphones and iPads in day to day life.. Patriotism and social awekaning last only a day or two and we go back to the mundane tasks.. Till there is one more incident that questions the very nature of humanity in the society.. I wonder how many such incidents are to happen for us to open our eyes.. ! I remember M.K Gandhi once saying “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes” but how many mistakes?? Shouldn’t there be a guideline.. Here i remeber another quote from Nigerian writer Femi Osofisan “Freedom without responsibility is a loaded gun in the hand of a maniac”.. There is no concept of absolute freedom.. it is imperative for every society to delineate boundaries.. And we have live examples every where.. Extremities – countries like north Korea on one hand to Unites states of america on the other.. From isreal to denmark ( According to the world happiness report “Denmark is crowned as the happiest country in the world”. Thus, it can be regarded as the best country to live in the world in the current date).. And some where in between lies our nation.. For better or for worse.. Till our society finds the real balance between the right amount of right.. And the wrong amount of wrong.. Let’s get through one more day of independence hoping that by the next one atleast we live in a slightly Imperative society that understands the meaning of controlled freedom better..
Jai hind..


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