about me..:)


hi there..:)

about me:

Being downright frank ,I’m just an ordinary small town gal with no special powers. I’m a genuine person and I am what I am. I don’t put up a farce like most people do cause sooner or later it all falls apart. I’m quite  punctual, and responsible and organized. I’m loyal and I don’t betray people.. 😛
I always try to,and at times,even go out-of-the-way to help someone whenever I can.
I believe that most people like me for the type of person that I am and well,some obviously don’t, so I think its kinda safe to meet me first and then decide yourself..
I am not a great music fan..but sometimes,any thing goes..though I don have any pets right now,I love dogs,and I would love to pet almost that is not slimy and sticky.. 😛
I love to paint..and I believe that I am quite creative..I collect stamps,and i have a huge collection of over half a thousands stamps from all over the world..I am a movie buff too….n i do love computer games.. 🙂
I’m a foodie and love almost every thing that is sweet and spicy..i do love cooking, But at the end of the day I love eating what my mama has made, cause she’s a killer in the kitchen..

49 thoughts on “about me..:)

  1. HI ch, Thanks for visiting me today. I enjoyed your “About” note, and feel like I know you a bit now. Warm and sweet! I’ll hop over and browse your posts now, too. 😉

  2. It’s grand to have a mama that loves to cook!! Thanks for sharing and for your support…
    abundant blessings and all the best to you and your blog. 🙂

  3. You sound like a sincere, fun, and loving person. so glad you have chosen to follow me so I can find your blog. Bring your coffee, read my blogs, and chat for a while!!!

  4. a very sweet “about me”. You have a great blog here. I guess I will be hanging around this blog for a long time.
    Keep going. Great work.

  5. hi there,
    you have nice blog and way of narrating…..also “about me”…i really like granny stories……this is also one of the reason for liking ur blog………

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